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Password Rules

It's important to make sure that your password is strong. If someone else can guess it, or if you ever share it with anyone, that person can log in as you and wreak havoc in your name. Here are some tips for choosing a good password that nobody will be likely to guess:

  • Use at least nine characters. A shorter password can be guessed in almost no time at all. All passwords at Illinois Wesleyan must be at least nine characters, but longer is better.
  • Use different types of characters. A password that consists only of lowercase letters is easiest to enter, but it's also one of the first things a password cracker might try. All passwords at Illinois Wesleyan must include at least one digit. Your password should also contain a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters. Symbols are a great idea, too.
  • Common passwords are inherently weak, so we also check them against a public list of the 10,000 most commonly used passwords and reject any that match.
  • The server rejects passwords for other reasons, such as including your NetID, or a part of your name, in your password. It may also reject passwords for including common words. We can't validate every possible reason your password may be rejected on this page, but we'll let you know if your new password is rejected and you can choose something more secure.

Why do we want your cell phone?

If you forget your password, we'll send you a text message as part of the self-service password reset process. Be sure to enter your cell number every time you change your password. Any blank entry will discard older phone entries. This is to ensure we don't give your reset code to the new owner of your old number.